Art By Ohlstrom

About me;

My name is Elisabeth Ohlström and I live in Sweden.

Since 2008 I´ve been working part time as a glass artist, I combine it with my work as an Optometrist.

I have been painting all my life but now it´s all about glass.

Sadly I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is a disorder that causes chronic pain and fatigue, due to this I can at this time only work very sporadically.

At this point shows and exhibits are put on hold. My mind is filled with ideas, hopefully they will slowly come to life one by one.


Private show Dalby 2008

Romelegården Spring exhibition 2008

Library Veberöd Separate exhibition

Romelegården Spring exhibition 2009

Galleri Valhall 2009

Romelegården Spring exhibition 2010

Höllvikens konsthall Sep. exhibition 2010

Tetra Pak Sep. exhibition 2010

Romelegården Fall exhibition 2010

Sjöbo Konsthall 2011

Kista Art Show Stockholm 2011

Romelegården Spring exhibition 2015

Galleri Fågeln 2018

Member of

SK ( Svenska konstnärsförbundet)

KRF (Konstnärernas Riksförbund)

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